Investing in Art NFTs

If you buy an artwork token as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, it gives you a safe and clear way to prove that you own it and can transfer it to others. This means you can invest in and possess a digital version of the artwork, while the physical artwork remains with its current owner.

Basically, when you buy a token for a physical artwork, you're also buying a digital version of the artwork and the right to own and transfer it. But buying the token doesn't mean you own or possess the physical artwork itself - that still needs to be physically transferred separately.

When an artwork is tokenized and the associated token is sold, it doesn't mean the buyer gets any rights to copy or reproduce the artwork. These rights still belong to the artist, unless they agree to transfer them separately.

If you want to actually own the physical artwork, buying the artwork token isn't enough. You'll also need to negotiate with the current owner to physically transfer the artwork. Alternatively, you can try to buy the artwork directly from the artist online.

If you have any questions about how to purchase our art, our friendly curator is here to help! Just shoot us a message through the chatbox at the bottom left of the page.